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Pottery Painting is an artful experience even if you're artistically challenged!

We provide everything you need to create a masterpiece. Stamps, Stencils, Sponges, idea books, brushes, and paint. We'll also throw in  little coaching and alot of encouragement.   

Step 1)
paint-your-own-pottery1Choose the piece of pottery to paint. We have over 250 pieces to choose from, including bath décor, picture frames, dog bowls, plates, platters, garden accessories, and so much more!







Step 2)
paint-your-own-pottery2 Use your imagination and let your creativity flow by sketching your design on your pottery. Or just browse through our design ideas, stencils, stamps, transfer paper, to get you started.







Step 3)
paint-your-own-pottery3 Apply the underglaze color which becomes the background palette for your masterpiece.











Step 4)
paint-your-own-pottery4 It's now time to paint!








Step 5)
paint-your-own-pottery5 Now it's our turn. Once your pottery is complete, we glaze it and fire it in our kilns. The beautiful colors and designs you created come alive once the piece is fired.







Step 6)
paint-your-own-pottery6 This is the easy part — taking it home and enjoying it. You can pick up your pottery in 1 week.  All items are food-safe and dishwasher safe.